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A full range of VBX Administration features

For quick access and information about each employee, such as Username, Extensions and Voicemail messages, as well as tools for modifications to their profiles; i.e. Call Forward, Follow Me and Do Not Disturb.
This feature allows you to block or restrict outbound calling destination, i.e. international, Directory Assistance, 900 numbers, or any other area that would include a toll charge. VoIPX also offers PIN Numbers that can be entered prior to dialing international destinations.
Our reporting tools give you a complete detail and history of activity by extension. This can help you determine hiring needs and work flow of your employees. You can run reports by date range, time range, and/or users. All reports can be either printed or saved as a .CSV or Excel file.
Our system comes with various reporting capabilities to allow you to track usage and history by each extension. CDRs can be exported into a spreadsheet.
You can view which extensions are available, who is currently on a call and for how long from the “Active Extensions” Dashboard.
Any phone call can be recorded, either prescheduled or midway through the conversation. These tools allow you to share recordings for Training and Quality purposes. Please review our Terms of Service prior to using.*
Here you can view all extensions and user activity in real time. You can instantly see who is on available to take a call, on a call as well as how long a call has been up and to what number the caller is connected to.
Through the Web Portal, employees can be set up to have different degrees of access, allowing them different functionality in the system to configure their own business.


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