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A full range of VBX Mobility features

VoIPX can deliver your extension to any smart tablet so long as it has a microphone.
A “soft phone” is a phone that runs off your computer or a client on your mobile device, allowing you to make and receive calls. The VoIPX PBX can turn your computer into a web-based phone giving you the same features as any other extension.
An ATA turns a standard analog phone, such as a home phone, into a VOIP device, allowing you to make calls over the internet.
This feature allows you to direct calls to single or multiple phone numbers, i.e. cell phone or home phone, so you can answer your extension wherever you are. This feature can be set to ring all your numbers simultaneously or in succession.
Any SIP Enabled App can be downloaded and interconnected with our Hosted PBX for Multi-Device Management. You can seamlessly move from your Android or iPhone to your desk phone, and vice versa, for complete integrated calling.
Our Multi-Location solutions allow devices to register to the PBX from any vicinity; company headquarters, satellite offices, home or on the road, domestic or abroad. Extension to extension dialing works nationally as well as internationally without incurring toll charges.
The VoIPX PBX is hosted in our cloud so businesses with road warriors or employees who work remotely can have a business extension on their cell phone or home phone.
Messages can be sent directly to your inbox via a .WAV file. VoIPX can also save messages on our servers which can be accessed through our Web Portal. Voice mail messages can be preprogrammed to deposit in one location; i.e. your cell phone for complete mobility.


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